To travel over to your home away from home —Sabbia On Fraser— you’ll need to be equipped with a 4WD. You and your family or friends will drive through Fraser Island’s stunning terrain for approximately two hours to find our retreat.

Getting to Fraser Island

To get you and your 4WD over to Fraser Island, you’ll need to take the barge and arrange a vehicle permit to drive on the island. Apply for your permit here.

There are two options for the barge. Note: tickets can be purchased on the barge or prior to your trip.

Hervey Bay – River Heads

You can travel to River Heads in Hervey Bay and travel via Fraser Island Barges. This is recommended for those living in North or Central Queensland. 

Rainbow Beach – Inskip Point

You can travel to Inskip Point in Rainbow Beach and travel via Manta Ray Barges. This is recommended for those living in Brisbane or south of Brisbane.

Getting to Sabbia On Fraser

Nestled on Orchid Beach, our holiday home is located at 9 Euenmundi Court. Once you’ve arrived by barge, you’ll take an approximate two hour beach journey. Please ensure you have your tides correctly worked out to ensure you drive on low tide.   If you search Sabbia on Fraser in Google Maps, it should provide you with  directions.

You should be able to use a GPS or maps app on your phone, but please note Fraser Island tends to only give signal to Telstra devices.

You will receive full details and directions to make your way to Sabbia On Fraser upon booking confirmation.


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